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Printed Number Plate

Printed Number Plate

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Transform your vehicle's appearance with our The Plate Link Printed Number Plates. Tailored for the contemporary driver, these top-tier plates feature a sophisticated letter design fused with a state-of-the-art finish. The outcome? Impeccably sharp, deeply contrasting printed number plates that impart a premium touch to your vehicle.

Upgrading your plates has never been as effortless or fashionable. Our replacement number plates showcase bold black letters that pop against the highly reflective plate background, ensuring optimal visibility and adherence to regulations.

Choosing The Plate Link means more than just acquiring a number plate; it's an investment in an accessory that elevates your vehicle's aesthetic appeal. Immerse yourself in the epitome of high-quality plates that seamlessly blend form and function. Embrace the outstanding quality of our printed number plates and let your vehicle's identity radiate with clarity and distinction. Whether for daily driving or making a statement at car exhibitions, our top-notch number plates are the preferred choice for discerning UK motorists.

The standard UK size for number plates are 520mm by 111mm. Please note this will vary if you opt for a shortened plate option. Every shortened plate is custom cut in-house to fit your registration, however our printed plates are not as short as our 3D or 4D offerings, though they still cut off a decent amount of excess. Legally, your number plates cannot have a margin any less than 11mm.

Manufacturing and delivery times
Orders will be manufactured from Monday to Saturday.

Tracked 24: Your plates will be dispatched within 24 hours after you provide evidence of ownership of the registration. The Royal Mail aims to deliver these parcels the next day, so this is our quickest turnaround.

Tracked 48: Your plates will be dispatched within 24 hours after you provide evidence of ownership of the registration. The Royal Mail aims for a two day delivery timeframe on Tracked 48.

Tracked 24 and Tracked 48 both provide a tracking number, which we will email to you, so you will know where your order and your documents are at all times on their way back to you.

Please note we do not dispatch on a Sunday or during Bank Holidays so please adjust your expectations accordingly. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Road legal plate styles:

Please note that by law we include our company name, postcode and BSAU number on the plate. The font style for all our plates is Charles Wright which is the legal UK road font, compliant with the law. The DVLA confirm that three-dimensional characters are legal and compliant with road laws, this includes ‘4D’ number plates, as 4D is only an industry standard name, and they are still classed as three-dimensional.

Legal Document Requirements
What if I want show plates?
The Plate Link does not sell show plates, as they could be used on the road, even though the manufacturer may sell them on the basis that they will not be. To avoid this, we will not sell show plates (this includes tinted plates, blank plates or those with non-standard spacing). We will only produce fully road legal plates, with standard spacing (as it appears on your V5C).

Can I add a slogan?
We do not add slogans or custom text to our number plates. This is not road legal, and due to our manufacturing process, we could not add a slogan even if it were.

All of our plates come with a 12 month warranty covering manufacturing defects or natural occurring issues. We do not cover for customer inflicted faults. Please contact us via email or the contact page to get in touch regarding your warranty.

Quality Control
We only use the highest quality, British manufactured, components in the production of our number plates. In addition to this, we employ a stringent quality control process to ensure that all components and number plates meet our standard for quality. If you follow our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram), you may have seen we regularly discard any components which fail our quality control inspection, as they wouldn’t produce the perfect product that we strive to make. Our company mission is not only to make your vehicle stand out, but we also aim for every customer to be completely satisfied with their experience and the quality of their product.

All of our number plates can be washed with a pressure washer without any fear of damaging the number plates, and they won’t fade in the sunlight either.

Fixing Kits
We stock and sell fixing kits which have been rigorously tested to ensure they provide the best mounting solutions for you to attach your new number plates to your vehicle. We have three options:

Sticky fixer kits

Screw fixing kits

Sticky fixer kits include a pack of 10 industrial strength sticky pads, which will be enough to affix both a front and rear number plate to your car.

Screw fixing kits include 4 screws, 2 white screw caps and 2 yellow screw caps to blend in with your number plates.

Further Information
If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to check out our FAQ page or get in touch with us using our contact page.

All our number plates are:
- BS AU 145e compliant!
- 100% Road Legal
Adds next-level depth to your plates
Safe to pressure wash
Doesn't fade in the sun
Professionally laser cut
Industrial strength adhesive bonding
12 month warranty

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